My lurve it iz likes a Red Red Rose. Srsly.

You know you spend too much time at I Can Has Cheezburger when you start thinking in LOLspeak.  You’d never know I was a Phi Beta Kappa English major, would you?  Well, the title of this post does derive from a Robert Burns’ poem,1  so it has a small amount of literary merit.  I’m not claiming much.

My Red Red Rose is actually a handknit beret — Rose Red — designed by Ysolda Teague.  I’m sure she was referencing the fairytale character Rose Red, but my searches on the fairytale didn’t yield much I could work with in a humorous vein.  I mean, the girl marries the brother of the prince bewitched into the form of a bear; her sister, Snow White, gets the prince.  This isn’t the Snow White with the dwarf fetish, although a dwarf does appear in the story, but another Snow White.  Oh, go read the whole thing here.

But anyway.  Rose Red.  Knitting.

This is not the first Ysolda Teague pattern I’ve done,2 and it most definitely will not be the last.  I love her designs; her patterns are well-written and clear.  Even though there are tons of free patterns on the Internet, I most happily will pay $6.00 to $7.00 for one of Ysolda’s.3

I did my first Rose Red in Cascade Cloud 9 yarn in the Chili Pepper colorway.4  The Cloud 9 was perfect for this project.  Even though it’s an angora blend, I had very little shedding.  It did shed quite a bit when I had to frog and re-knit a part of it, but not excessively.  It has an understated angora “halo” and the red did not bleed when I wet blocked it. 5

However, since it’s red, it means that my pictures simply don’t do it justice.  I think the second photo is the closest to the yarn’s true color.

Rose Red - Unblocked

* * * * *

Rose Red - Worn

* * * * *

Rose Red - Blocked - Side view

* * * * *

Rose Red Cable Detail

* * * * *

Cable Detail - Worn

My photography is getting a smidge better.  Not phenomenally better.  A smidge.  A tad.  An infinitesimal degree of better-ness.  I’m home from work with stomach issues, so I’m afraid there’s not any photos in natural light today.  It’s also 86°F outside, which is a little warm for a wool-angora beret, no matter how much I adore it.

Adore it I do.  I want seven in different colors so I can wear one each day of the week.  I would use the Cloud 9 all seven times, too.

This is my first finished project with cables, and it’s beautiful.


I wish it were snowing.

* * * * *

  1. As an aside, while I was searching online for Red, Red Rose, I also found a Burns’ poem about haggis.  If you don’t know what a haggis is, let’s just say it’s among the least poetic of subjects.  Srsly.  The poem has the word entrails.  You have been warned. []
  2. That was another hat, Verity.  I don’t care for how it turned out.  The pattern was great, but the yarn I picked for it was just too loud and it didn’t work out in the end.  I think Verity needs to be done in a more subdued color than varigated hot pink and bright red. []
  3. In case anyone is curious, I have the patterns for Matilda Jane, Snow White, Verity, and Briar Rose, too, and I just may have to buy Gretel and Coraline.  You can find all of these on this one page.  Don’t worry – even though she is Scottish, there are no haggis – haggises? – on this page. []
  4. 146 for those of you who would like the reference number. []
  5. This is important to me because I had one project that turned the water into the color of Hawaiian Punch.  Eeeeew.  I had to bake the FO in the oven in a pan of vinegar water to set the dye. []

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