Au Revoir, Summer (and Good Riddance, Too, I Might Add)

It started with the fall catalogs.  I could tell that that this Long, Hot, Miserable, Satan’s Arsehole1 of a Summer would soon be gone.  Then came the fall knitting magazines, both in print and online.  Sweaters!  Mittens!  Wool!  Cozy stuff!  As soon as I finished the ESTJ Socks, I cast on a lightweight beret for myself.

FO 1

Pattern: Anthera from Twist Collective.  For a mere $6.00, you get a pattern for a beret, cowl, and cuffs.  Instructions are charted, not written out.  Twist Collective has great charts in terms of legibility and ease of use, so don’t wimp out if you’re chart-phobic.  If you can knit, purl, yarn over, ssk, and k2tog, you can make this beret.  I can’t believe that I’m the only person on Ravelry who has made this beret thus far.

Yarn: Louisa Harding Kimono Angora Pure (70% angora, 25% wool, 5% nylon) in Color No. 6, Teal.  I say it’s Turquoise.  Approx. 90 yards.

Size: One size.

Needles: US size 4 and 5 (3.5 mm  and 3.75 mm, respectively) both Brittany Birch DPN’s and Addi Natura 16″ circular

Mods: None, other than the absence of a dorky i-cord macaroni thingy on top.  I’m not fond of dorky i-cord macaroni thingies, so I just left it out.

Comments: This needed Aggressive Blocking to get it to the point where I thought it had enough slouch to be called a beret.   Aggressive Blocking translates to a full 30-minute soak in Soak and a 10½ inch dinner plate.   The lace pattern really opened up.  If you like a lot of slouch in your berets, I think you could do an additional repeat of Rows 1-12 from Chart A and add about 1½ to 2 inches to the depth of the hat.

Aggressive Blocking

This is perfect for fall.  I plan on wearing it with my brown leather jacket and Norovirus Scarf v. 2.0

* * * * *
  1. Like everything, there’s a story behind this one.  I was going to compare the hot weather to the 9th Circle of Hell.  Then I remembered — somewhat incorrectly — that the 9th Circle was where Satan was face-planted in ice.  The face-planting part  was what I misremembered.  In Dante’s Inferno, Satan is embedded in ice at his middle, and as Dante and Virgil pass through the exact center of Hell and get to the other side, they see Satan’s rear view.  Long story short, I thought that as you leave the 8th Circle and move into the 9th, you would see Satan’s butt. []

One Response to “Au Revoir, Summer (and Good Riddance, Too, I Might Add)”

  1. OctopusKnits Says:

    Gorgeous beret! I’m sure that, with yours to look at for inspiration, there will soon be many more Antheras on Ravelry. (By the way, I approve of your decision to leave off the “dorky i-cord macaroni thingy.”)

    P.S. Your footnote cracked me up!!!